Monday, December 2, 2013

The Manic Month Ahead: 26th of November :-)

So this month of December was going to be crazy.... i knew that.... We are going to be open on the 23rd of December... but the question was how do i embrace the craziness and make it fun rather than push against it?

And from this inquiry I decided the best way was to document & celebrate it... have it be have anyone reading this to be a part of it (the idea of this gives me so much energy, somehow like i have invisible helpers in the background wishing me well!) . So here goes. This is the second day i arrived back from Dubai...and here is what it looked like.

My aim is to write about every day, but forgive me (please! I have enough on my plate alright) if i do not :-)
Soooo... come with me on my journey to the countdown to the 23rd of December - to opening the doors of EBB & FLOW, our Sri Lankan dream and adventure....  (I SO need a cheesy theme song...)

26th of NOVEMBER
Morning site visit! Off to see what action has taken place when i was away in Dubai for 10 days.
I am nervous and excited. The beautiful sunrise on the way to site certainly helped start the day right ...although its at times like this-  so bloody early in the morning that i miss my loyal costa coffee.
Sunrise on the way to the building site at 5.30am...just jumped out of the TukTuk to take a pic!
Got to site just before 7am, before all the guys arrive to start working on site! Although we have a resident carpenter (he has set up a temporary shelter for the next 2 weeks) who is happily brushing his teeth when we arrive......

Phew! I am quite blown away from the changes and how awesome the jungalows look (was quite surprised... as self criticism being what it is!)  ...all the stairs have been finished now... and all the polished concrete floors...., the roller blinds on the terrace are just time for painting inside! Just a bit frustrating as there is so much MESS everywhere (well IS a building site) and so photos just do not do it justice.... i resolve to wait a few days.

G gets back from his surf and we walked around site and discussed small changes. Everyone has arrived now and there is over 20 guys on site! we leave so we are not in the way!
Head back to the house and get cracking on what i call my "computer work" -
updated all the business listings - Trip Villas, Air B&B, Trip Advisor ... Flipkey will not let us advertise yet as construction is not complete! Responded to some inquiries - got to LOVE those people that are interested in what we are doing even with in-process construction photos on the websites. Gives me faith that when we have a finished project and a professional photographer we are going to sweet with bookings!

Garrath picked up some amazing hand made plates... found these in Barefoot 3 weeks ago and made a special order. Seemed in some ways like a silly thing to spend money on (could of got plain white plates for half the cost!) but when you need so few of them and when you are putting your heart and soul into the details... it is necessary....  (PS: if you ever come and stay, make sure to compliment the plates... make sure Garrath is within earshot, deal?)

I am a sucker for a swirl... these plates got me ... gorgeous hand made sri lankan product

 I requested the 24th to be a "day off"  - as in Garrath please let us not talk about budgets and timelines (as i had just come back from being away) but today all it is ALL ON, so we spend a good 2 hours running through all the changes, things that need to be done and when. We create a master list - now stuck on the wall with a big explanation mark next to it.

OK... even though it is a bit of a mess... see a photo of one of the rooms... floor still needs to be cut & polished but it is in! Skirting is next!

One of the bedrooms - soon to be finished!!

And just because she is cute... and because i had not seen her in 10 days! here is the crazy munchkin that is Khush

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