Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Value in this "Business Stuff"

So here is what I have come to realize
I need to get back in touch with being a "Business person".
I have been on a journey where the call to adventure (check out Joseph Cambell for more on the "Hero's Journey") was to experiment, to get creative and to have lots of variety... to move to Sri Lanka and have the time to play! Done, Done and Done (and still doing).

But NOW the result of all this experimenting and being creative and getting in touch with what is important has given me 3 businesses still in the early stages. The "lets see what happens and just experiment" attitude is not so helpful in this place. At first I somehow resented being back drawn back into business "I was supposed to be on a beach, cocktail in hand - contemplating life, WTF is this?"  Next came a slightly more grown up approach... telling myself first "Good Shit! Well done" and then asking myself... "What do I need to do and who do I need to be to make this work?"

First thing I realized is playing small aint going to work here
The second thing was that I have not really articulated where it is I want to go (as before in "experimenting" the whole idea & challenge is not to have a goal!)
The third thing was realizing.... if I was the CEO of any of those businesses I would have fired me by now- for lack of commitment... ( a rather big realization that one!)

So here is my new "starter" map for the new journey - the call to adventure...the vision not just to experiment but to have successful (feel good) businesses that allow me the flexibility and resources to travel this bloody amazing world!

The "business brain" has been put back into my head (and heart) and this is what has come out...
All rather obvious but indeed very hard to see it when you are in it :-)

1) Get the Basics right!
Know where you want to go, know what the brand/business stands for, know how you want to share it with others
Respond promptly to opportunities (momentum is important in this stage for confidence & profitability!)
Double check, get the email/contact whatever it is right first time

2) Make it easy on yourself
Automate, create systems - make sure the stuff in the background works

3) Ask for Help
There are allies, friends, family,professionals... & people that are curious and want to contribute!

4) Step UP
Step into the CEO perspective - would you keep you employed?
Step into the customer perspective - would you come back?
Make financials your friend
Think as if it is a business because it IS a business, no matter how in the early stages it is and if it is JUST you

Wish me well on this next journey, and if any of you see or hear me playing small - feel free to call me up on it!!!

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