Friday, September 6, 2013

Makena & Me

They say that dogs are like their owners, or is it they say that dogs look like their owners? hmmm
As Garrath and I laughed and cried yesterday (and yes the day before..) as we talked about Makena... we could not help see just how similar Makena and I were!

I hesitate just a little as I don't want to sound arrogant (goodness knows i have told anyone and everyone how awesome she was) but if there is ever a time to not worry about such a stupid bloody thing such as what "people think" it would be this one :-)

So here it is - Makena and Me...

- Strangers... LOVE EM! they are so interesting, you have no idea what they might offer - it is exciting to have a new perspective (or in Makena's case new smells)...strangers are simply friends you have not made yet. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt....

- Eat with relish, really do not worry about making a mess.... eating with your mouth open (just sometimes), getting curd on your nose (Makena) and Nutella over your face (erm Me)...

- Nothing beats carbs, its all about the carbs... especially bread.... Makena loved bread (a strange thing for a dog to like?!).... so do I... in fact I do remember being referred to once as the "carb queen"

- Having fun is way more important than being clean...get your hands(paws) dirty... play in puddles and the mud if it is raining... just generally get in there... can always dry off later..

- A bum wiggle is a great way to celebrate being alive... get down on the dancefloor and shake it or just wiggle it because you are excited to be awake... damn even getting fed can call for a bum wiggle! Makena and I both had extremely pronounced and high quality bum wiggles!

-Compost.... yes any kind of compost.. the more kinds the better. Love all of it... Makena would climb on them, burrow... i just loved mixing them... coconut, organic waste... even buffalo poo....

- Plants and gardening....small difference here... I liked to plant things IN the ground... Makena liked to take them OUT (or maybe she was just transplanting?!). We had similar taste... she particularly liked tropica lilies

 - Naps are important... Makena liked hers a bit longer, but she too dreamt a lot... running and squeaking in her sleep. Not sure if she was as good as remembering them as I was?!

- Body wash, Body lotion... eye cream... I love my potions and lotions... and Makena did too... when she was little she would follow me into the bathroom and lick the body wash off my calves! and moisturizer off my toes! It only became a bit awkward in recent times as she got bigger and instead of my calves i would get a long lick on the thigh! quite a shock when she sneaked in behind you...

- She loved learning and was eager to please...  She also liked experimenting with languages and knew a bit of Singhala including the meaning of wait, stand, don't bite, and talk.... (about as many words as i erm currently know)

- She was nosy and curious about peoples houses... walking in and having a look around every room to satisfy her curiosity.... I LOVE being shown around peoples houses...although i usually ask permission first, Makena was not so big on the formalities

- Makena was always up for an adventure - any trip out on the tuk tuk was just that... Anything can be an adventure if you have the right perspective. Must admit Makena was a bit better at this than me... must practice..

- Makena's nickname was yellow girl, as that was the colour  she had around her neck when she was with the other pups... my favourite colour is yellow and I love wearing yellow.... together we were Garrath's yellow girls!

- We were both blonds, although her colour much more natural and without erm chemical intervention..... (lucky minx, would kill for that natural colour!!)

- She also loved nature... she spent time chasing and appreciating fire flies and butterflies in the garden... as do I... Garrath told her off once ("Kano Bah" ..or don't bite) as he was worried she might eat one (firefly) she stopped immediately in her tracks .... just a tiny blinking light on her nose as she stared out earnestly at G

All I can do now is celebrate her, and share stories about her. She was in our life for a few short months but she gave us SO much in that time...

Thank you Makena for rocking our world and even now the world is all the more sweeter for the fact you were in it - love you and miss you so so much xxx


Loving some down time in the garden....

When life gets tiring.. nap (simple)

A kangaroo crossed with a seal and a teddy bear... that was Makena

Impossible cuteness
Check out that (hair/fur) natural colour.... jealous!

Makena and Ushadi - best friends from day one

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