Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Enough-ism & Concrete

Nothing puts the gravity of permanent decisions to the forefront of your mind like choosing concrete samples.... they are by nature "concrete", can't just paint over them (they are polished and waxed...) And just to make things more complicated there is a real "chemistry" involved too... which means ... today you get light concrete colour and 4 months down the road you might have a sandy yellow... depending on variables such as light, amount of rain... sun.. and for all i know the number of monkeys that stand on it?!
What this has done (get to the point right!?) has really highlighted again this idea of enough, enough information, enough thinking, enough options... How do we know if we made the right decision/s.
And like the Virgo and ENTP I am this opens up a whole can of worms!

How do you reach the holy grail of  "Enough-ism" in your life? or "what is the magic point of enoughness?"

Some of you may know that i am a coach, a certified CPCC and ACC coach... but is that (wait for it) "enough". When i was doing the core curriculum i thought... "when i am certified i will be a real coach" or 'when i am accredited with the ICF professional body i will be a real coach" ... of course then it was "when i have done CTI leadership"  - and the list of things to strive for never ends....

The same thing with actually making the move to Sri Lanka, when we had ENOUGH money, when we had ENOUGH information, when we had ENOUGH of a plan.... luckily I realized this elusive enough did not exist and made the move anyway. Otherwise I would still be sitting in Dubai not following a dream!

So here is the only thing I have figured out that works.
STOP, breathe and just be where you are for a moment, be with yourself (scary as it is) for just a moment and BE
Go oooooonnnnnnnn try it . You can always get started again and start chasing ...(that's a promise)
But you know what, once you stop  you might just feel a different awareness has settled and you might find you are not so in a hurry, or maybe the tension behind the chase will just change. So many of us spend time looking at the past (I WISH we made that wall .3 inches thicker) or in the future... (WILL it be good ENOUGH that my fancy pants friends in Dubai will want to stay) that we forget who we are, what we know and what is important to us.

Finding Enough-ness is a tricky bloody business and there is no magic point that i have found (yet) but looking out for it with curiosity and stopping every now and again has certainly had a profound impact on my happiness.

I love these excerpts from the Book "Enough"by John Naish....
(my first use of hyperlinking on this blog too - woop woop)
  • "The challenge is our old wiring tells us "I want more" the challenge of living in abundance when our brains are programed to fear scarcity is to consume everything we can"
  • Don't let your desire for perfectionism ruin your appreciation for all that which is just "good"
  • There is a spiritual aspect to practicing restraint in the face of more, more, more

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